*COMING SOON* Aquastim™

Aquastim, is the no.1 fishing bait supplier in the UK, and our new brand dedicated to angling products that cover most angling genres. Something most of our British Aqua Feeds customers have been requesting for some time. 

In the coming months, you will see the launch of our new Aquastim online shop, which will be full of new and awesome products to help you put more fish on the bank. With an overall, commercial coarse fishing angle, we will aim to apply our knowledge and extensive ingredient range to various angling species. 

Aquastim’s aim is to produce the best quality products but with the environment in mind. We will be utilising products from the human food chain that would otherwise be going to waste, rather than taking all our ingredients direct from the human or animal supply chain. From proteins through to carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and even attractors! Aquastim’s aim to produce high quality bait in a more sustainable manner, most of which are converted and manufactured in house.

Our packaging has been created to be recycled at home. However, we also offer a post back scheme for any packaging you wish to return to us, we then fully recycle on your behalf.

We will also be operating a scheme to supply recycled plastic lumber and products back into fishing venues, such as fencing, signage and platforms. Aquastim will also have full support of the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme. So, your purchases will go even further into supporting our fishing industry. This will also help us keep costs down, and your fishing trip cheaper and more accessible.

Some of our current British Aqua Feeds ranges are now available through our Aquastim brand, with many more to come, and including some incredible hookbaits and liquids. Here’s some recent reports of our amazing Krill hookbaits with 30% recovered proteins.

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