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BAF | Powders

A range of powdered ingredients for when you’re making your own feed or fishing bait. Whether it be a boilie basemix, pastes, or groundbaits, BAF have all the necessary ingredients you require to create your ultimate feed formulation.

BAF supply to some of the biggest names in the bait industry and we pride our selves in providing the finest quality ingredients available. We have worked hard and spent many hours scrutinising these ingredients and rest assured that if they were not absolute top quality then they would not be in our warehouse, we have a fast turn around of products so you can guarantee that you will receive products in a fresh state.

Powdered ingredients have many different properties i.e. Binding, Density, Solubility etc so if you require any help or need any more information then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • BSF Insect Protein Meal

    Insect Protein Meal (De-fatted)

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  • Acid Casien

    Acid Casein

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  • Blood Plasma Powder

    Blood Plasma

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  • Blood Powder

    Blood Powder

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  • Brewers Yeast

    Brewers Yeast

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  • Brocacel Yeast

    Brocacel Yeast

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  • Brown Crumb

    Brown Crumb

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  • Calcium Caseinate

    Calcium Caseinate

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  • Crushed Hemp

    Crushed Hemp

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  • Dynamix


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  • Egg Albumen

    Egg Albumen

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  • Full Fat Soya Flour

    FFHT Soya Flour

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  • BAF Fine Cork Dust

    Fine Cork Dust

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  • Fine Oatmeal

    Fine Oatmeal

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  • Golden Crumb

    Golden Crumb

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  • BAF Ground Chia Seed

    Ground Chia Seed

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