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Bulk Fishmeal Basemix

From: £69.99

From: £69.99

An inexpensive bulk fishmeal basemix designed for you to add any extra’s to the mix should you wish to do so.


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  • Description

    An inexpensive bulk Fishmeal Basemix designed for you to add any extra’s to the mix should you wish to do so, this basemix will catch from the off and is ideal for those not wanting to formulate their own recipes, when adding any extra’s such as Liver powder, GLM, Squid Meal etc, etc bear in mind this mix already contains an element of Solubles within the mix. This mix can be used both short and long term all year through.

    Contents: Fishmeal and Fish Solubles, Wheat and Wheat derivatives, Maize Flour, Micronized Soya, Whey Protein Concentrate (80%).

    Crude Protein 60-65%, Fat content 12-15%, values given are approximate and may vary slightly batch to batch.

    Contains Fishmeal. Must not be fed to Ruminants.

  • Additional information
    Weight N/A
    Pop Up Mix Volume

    20kg, 50kg, 100kg

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