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Capsicum Oleoresin



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    Another truly outstanding Oleoresin addition to the list, one we personally rate to be just as good as Extra Hot Chilli powder, Capsicum Oleoresins main active ingredient is Capsaicin, the bit what gives Chillies their heat, it is not fully understood why Carp and Barbel enjoy Chilli products and derivatives, maybe it’s their energy giving properties, ability to increase secretion of enzymes in animals and fish, one thing is sure they are a great addition to any feed and bait making formulation. Being a very concentrated product suggested dosage is 10 – 12 drops per kilo of feed (1/2ml), for single hook baits double the dosage.

    *Please avoid contact with eyes and other sensitive parts of the skin when using this product, vinyl/latex gloves should be used, and wash hands thoroughly before going to the toilet, otherwise things may get a little painful, lol.*

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